Mower gearbox for hospital grounds mowers

Mower Gearbox for Hospital Grounds Mowers

Mower Gearbox for Hospital Grounds Mowers

Mower Gearbox


A mower gearbox is a critical component of a hospital grounds mower. It is responsible for transferring power from the mower engine to the cutting blades. A reliable and durable mower gearbox is essential to ensure efficient and effective mowing of hospital grounds.

Components of a Mower Gearbox

A typical mower gearbox is composed of several components, including:

  • Gear train
  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Housing
  • Seals

The gear train is responsible for transmitting power from the input shaft to the output shaft. The bearings support the shafts and reduce friction. The housing encases the components and provides protection from external elements. Seals prevent lubricants from leaking and contaminants from entering the gearbox.

Types of Mower Gearboxes

There are several types of mower gearboxes, including:

  1. Straight bevel gearbox
  2. Worm gearbox
  3. Helical gearbox
  4. Planetary gearbox

The straight bevel gearbox is the simplest type of gearbox and is suitable for low power applications. The worm gearbox is compact and provides high reduction ratios. The helical gearbox is more efficient than the straight bevel gearbox and can handle higher power applications. The planetary gearbox is the most complex and provides the highest reduction ratios.

Benefits of Our Mower Gearbox

Our mower gearbox is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • High efficiency
  • Low noise
  • High durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation

Our mower gearbox is made of high-quality materials and is precision-manufactured to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Applications of Our Mower Gearbox

Our mower gearbox is suitable for use in the following applications:

  • Hospital grounds mowers
  • Park mowers
  • Golf course mowers
  • Residential mowers

Our mower gearbox is versatile and can be customized to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Product Specifications

Model Ratio Input power (kW) Output torque (Nm) Weight (kg)
MGB-100 1:1.46 12 100 10
MGB-150 1:1.83 18 150 15
MGB-200 1:2.10 24 200 20

Company Introduction

We are a leading player in the Gearboxes market in China. Our company specializes in producing and supplying high-quality gearboxes and related products. Our product range includes:

  • Mower gearbox
  • Agricultural gearboxes
  • PTO gearbox
  • Omni gear
  • Agricultural parts
  • Replacement comer gearbox
  • Tiller gearbox
  • Greenhouse motor

We have over 300 sets of automatic CNC production equipment and automatic assembly equipment, enabling us to produce high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively.

Product Promotion

We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional service. Our mower gearbox is designed to provide reliable and efficient performance, making it the perfect choice for hospital grounds mowers. We welcome customers to provide us with their specifications and requirements for a customized solution tailored to their specific needs.


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